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Golden Gun Club

Golden Gun Club

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Service Rifle

Service Rifle matches are both an intense challenge for marksmanship, as well as a constant remembrance of the sacrifices those who have served behind these rifles have made for all of us! Join us for our monthly Service Rifle match, held on the Central Range.

  • When: The Third Saturday of each month.
  • Time:
    April – September: Setup at 8:00 AM, Match at 9:00 AM.
    October – March: Setup at 9:00 AM, Match at 10:00 AM.
  • Where: Central Range @ Golden Gun Club.
  • Who: Anyone! Shooters of all levels are welcome. Entry fee is $12 for members, $15 for non-members. If you bring a first-time shooter to the match, you both pay half-price ($6 for members, $7 for non-members)!
  • Equipment:

    Starting in 2022, the service rifle match equipment standards will be run according to the CMP Equipment Rulebook.

    Please familiarize yourself with Section 4.1 of the above, as we will allow any rifle meeting the criteria under sections 4.1.1, 4.1.3, and 4.1.4 with the addition of foreign service rifles in as-issued condition (alternate rifles and/or “match rifles” are NOT allowed at this time). Optics ARE NOW ALLOWED as per the rules, and optic-equipped rifles will compete in a separate class from non-optic rifles.

    Shooting coats and slings are allowed (encouraged) as specified in the rulebook. Additionally, participants are encouraged to bring spotting scopes and shooting mats if they are capable. Match ammunition is allowed.

  • Courses of Fire:

    We will host the traditional course of fire used by the club as the most common format - unlimited sighters in warmup, then

    • 10 shots slow offhand (sling IS allowed) on SR-1 100y reduced from 200y target.
    • 10 shots slow sitting/kneeling on SR-21 100y reduced from 300y target.
    • 10 shots slow prone on MR-31 100y reduced from 600y target.
    • 10 shots slow on an annual rotation of one of the above positions/targets.

    Starting in 2022 we will attempt to rotate in an “alternate” match format every third month which will be drawn from the established CMP and NRA courses of fire. See NRA High Power Rifle Rules and CMP Highpower Rifle Competition Rules, for the basic rules under NRA and CMP formats, respectively.

    These formats may include:

    • NRA Highpower Modified Individual “Rattle Battle” course of fire (NRA rule 7.22).
    • CMP/NRA 50-round National Match course of fire (NRA rule 7.14 or CMP Table 4) with modification of starting in sitting or prone (instead of standing start).
    • A team match in a TBD format.

    Additionally, at the end of each match we offer 3 one-shot “special” matches (one from each position), which are optional for all shooters. Closest to the bullseye wins a prize!

    Note - we do not sanction our matches with either CMP or NRA due to cost and bureaucratic limitations.

All visitors to Golden Gun Club must sign the Visitor Waiver. You only have to sign the waiver once a year, and it will be kept on file at the clubhouse. Sign the Visitor Waiver Online.

For more information, contact Matt Anthony by phone: 720-775-5243, or by E-Mail .

All matches at Golden Gun Club are open to the public.

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