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Golden Gun Club

Golden Gun Club

Denver's Premier Shooting Facility

Safety and Range Rules

Gunhandling Rules

  1. All Guns Are Always "Loaded", Always!

    The only exception to this occurs when one has a weapon in his hands and he has personally unloaded it for checking. As soon as he puts it down, this rule applies again.

  2. Never Let The Muzzle Cover Anything You Are Not Willing To Destroy

    You may not wish to destroy it, but you must be clear in your mind that you are quite ready to if you let that muzzle cover it. To allow a firearm to point at another human being is a deadly threat, and should always be treated as such.

  3. Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target

    This we call the Golden Rule because its violation is responsible for about 80 percent of the firearms disasters we read about.

  4. Be Sure Of Your Target And What's Beyond

    You never shoot at anything until you have positively identified it. You never fire at a shadow, or a sound, or a suspected presence. You shoot only when you know absolutely what you are shooting at and what is beyond it.

Golden Gun Club Range Rules

  1. Treat all members and guests with respect.
  2. Membership badges must be worn in plain sight at all times when on the range. Do not loan badges or combinations.
  3. Guns must be carried unloaded, actions open, and muzzles vertical unless in a case.
  4. Shooting hours on the Rifle/Pistol range are between sunrise and sunset. No shooting after dark.
  5. During cease fires, all long guns will be unloaded, actions open and in the racks. Short guns will be unloaded; actions open, and benched or may be unloaded, magazine out and holstered, actions closed. DURING CEASE FIRES, STEP BACK FROM THE BENCHES, AND IF THERE IS A YELLOW LINE PAINTED ON THE RANGE YOU ARE USING, STAY BEHIND THAT LINE UNTIL THE RANGE IS CALLED HOT.
  6. Do not approach the firing line with an un-cased firearm during a cease-fire. Do not attempt to leave the firing line with an un-cased firearm during a cease-fire. DO NOT TOUCH OR HANDLE ANY GUN DURING A CEASE-FIRE! EVER!
  7. No shooting at glass bottles, cinder blocks, plastic water/milk jugs, fruits, vegetables, and/or anything that can fragment so as to make it difficult to clean up. Clay birds are the only exception and will only be placed at the base (bottom) of the east range’s closest berm. Do not shoot at the PVC target sleeves that are buried in the ground for holding targets. Do not place any targets (clay birds) against the PVC target sleeves. Cleanup of targets must be done before leaving the range.
  8. All commands shall be given by the range officer or acting range officer. Range Officers shall have complete authority over all range activity. All members are responsible for safe range operation. The first Member on site shall be the range officer, and when the range officer leaves, they shall hand that position off to the next Member to arrive. Orange vests can be found in the target sheds.
  9. For calling a cold range, call out to range to cease fire, make all firearms safe and properly stored. Have all persons stand away from the benches and behind the yellow safety line. Once the lines are confirmed safe, ring the range bells with 3 long rings and announce the range is cold. The range bells will be used in the same manner to alert shooters that the range is going hot and that firing will commence. Instructions for these commands are posted at each bell.
  10. No quick draw single action revolver shooting, involving fanning the hammer. Drawing from a holster while facing down range is permitted as long as Gun Handling Rule #3 is adhered to.
  11. The wearing of ear and eye protection is required while the firing line is hot.
  12. Persons under age 18 are not permitted to shoot unless supervised by an adult member.
  13. No open fires allowed on the club property. Take proper care of smoking materials.
  14. No pets allowed on the range except under the owner's control (leash etc.) and at the owner's risk.
  15. No alcoholic beverages on club grounds.
  16. All wildlife shall be protected on the club grounds as the club is a wildlife sanctuary.
  17. The possession of and/or shooting tannerite or explosive targets is prohibited on the range.
  18. The possession and/or shooting of tracer, incendiary, or explosive ammunition is prohibited on the range.
  19. Any firearm with a caliber above and including 50 BMG, and the .416 Barrett are prohibited from being shot at the range.
  20. No high-powered rifles may be shot at the 385 yard berm (the furthest berm back that's east of the road).
  21. Guests are to pay $.00, and Members are responsible for the conduct and safety of their guests. The maximum number of guests permitted is 2 per Member. During Clubhouse hours, guests much check in and sign a waiver. If the Clubhouse is closed, guests must sign and leave the waiver in the mailbox.
  22. There are square steel targets at various distances on the rifle range. Other shapes are likely to be Member’s targets. Be certain that you are not shooting at another Member’s target without their permission. Place steel targets at a safe distance and at an appropriate angle from the firing line. Spall or lead fragments are dangerous. Steel targets which hang from supports and swing when hit must be placed at least 100 yards down range. The only exceptions shall be swinging targets at the 50 yard line on the East Range. Steel targets on a stand which are angled at 20 degrees shall be placed at least 15 yards from the line for shooting with handgun only.
  23. The West Range will be closed during the Service Rifle and Black Powder Cartridge matches, and will re-open when the matches conclude.
  24. Please keep your mobile phone within reach while at the Club. In case of an accident, call 911 immediately.

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