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Golden Gun Club

Golden Gun Club

Denver's Premier Shooting Facility

Shooting Programs


The muzzle loading rifle matches held monthly at the club are, to say the least, interesting and full of variety. Each month, the course of fire is different and uses targets that are "unique". This, along with the "blanket shoot" prize system, where everyone wins, makes for one of the more enjoyable matches around. More about the Muzzleloaders program

Black Powder Silhouette

Just like high power rifle silhouette, shoot the iron chicken's, pigs, turkeys, and rams out to 500 meters, but using black powder era cartridge rifles with black powder loads. This is one of our fastest growing disciplines. More about the Black Powder Silhouette program

Service Rifle

Just the thing to get started in if you are interested in a challenging sport that can lead a shooter all the way to the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. Service Rifle is shot at a range of 100 yards. Click the link below for a more in depth discussion. More about the Service Rifle program

Junior Program

Golden Gun Club joins hands with the Arvada Rifle and Pistol Club in sponsoring an excellent opportunity for juniors to participate in the shooting sports. Every year during July and August, qualified junior shooters in this program travel to Camp Perry, Ohio, and shoot in the biggest shooting competition in the country, the National Matches. Junior shooters typically shoot smallbore (.22 caliber). More about the Junior Program program

Cowboy Silhouette

Slingin' Lead at Steel Critters! Probably one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time on the range! The object of the game is to topple steel targets off of their stands using cowboy rifles, or single-action revolvers. The targets are shaped like chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams - it's like a big outdoor arcade game where safety, and having a good time are top priorities. We hold three events each month; Rifle-Cartridge Cowboy Silhouette, Pistol-Cartridge Cowboy Silhouette and Rimfire Cowboy Silhouette. A lot of folks participate in all three (it can be addicting!). The crowd is easy-going, and more than willing to show newcomers how to play. Women and Juniors are strongly encouraged to participate. Various awards are given at the end of each event, including those for 5 and 10 hits in a row. More about the Cowboy Silhouette program

Smallbore Rifle

This is the shooting discipline that has started millions of boys and girls shooting and enjoying a lifetime sport. Utilized are .22 caliber long rifle Target rifles in both 4 position matches, and prone only matches. Iron sights are most common, but prone matches include "any sights" categories. Frequent competitions and leagues at Golden Gun Club and throughout the Front Range of Colorado. More about the Smallbore Rifle program

Bowling Pin

A bowling pin shoot is a head to head, double elimination, competition where shooters race each other, using a handgun, to knock all the bowling pins off the table before your opponent. More about the Bowling Pin program

NRA Action Pistol

NRA Action Pistol matches combine speed and accuracy while shooting at multiple targets. All shots are shot with the shooter in a stationary position. All courses of fire are run on par time where all shots must be completed in a set time. More about the NRA Action Pistol program

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