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Your First Cowboy Silhouette Shoot

What can you expect? You can expect to meet some very helpful folks who enjoy Cowboy Silhouette, and are more than happy to share the experience with others. Our events are ran very safely and efficiently, but the mood is always laid back... This is a day off... Let's have some fun, and let the lead ring the steel!

Safety First - Please read the Cowboy Silhouette Safety Rules Page.
Set-up - Folks generally start to show up about ½ hour before practice start time. About fifteen minutes before practice start time, we load the targets up in the truck, haul 'em downrange, and set 'em up. Just takes a few minutes.
Practice - For an hour before the match starts, the targets are open for practice. This is a big help, especially for new shooters. It gives everyone the opportunity to get familiar with their guns and sights, and the different targets and distances.
Sign-up & Assistance - During practice, sign-up will be open at the range shack. Rich, the Match Director, is there to greet new shooters and place them with experienced shooters, who'll guide them through the shoot. Come on up and get signed in.
When it's your turn to shoot - It's really pretty simple… There are 4 courses of fire during a Cowboy Silhouette shoot… steel chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams. Standing at the firing line, you'll see 10 freshly painted targets in front of you, all in a neat row, all yours to shoot at, either chickens, pigs, turkeys or rams. You'll shoot one round at each of the 10 targets. There's no need to rush, no one is timed on speed. The object is to knock down as many of the 10 targets as you can.
Reset - Once a shooter takes his/her 10 shots, a cease-fire is called. When the Match Director gives the “Go forward” command, the shooter walks downrange, with a can of spray paint in hand. The shooter resets the targets they've hit, and paints over the bullet splatters. This is also a big help to the shooter, giving them the opportunity to see exactly where they've hit the targets.
Rotation - Once everyone at your firing point (usually 3-4 people per firing point) has had their 10 shots at that particular “animal”, you'll move to a different firing point, and shoot at a different “animal”, until everyone has shot 10 rounds at each of the 4 different animals… takes about 3 hours.
Awards - After the shoot, everyone gathers around the shack for the awards. This is a wonderful thing about Cowboy Silhouette… It's not entirely about who shoots the most targets. There are over 30 different pins awarded at our shoots. There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and Match Winner pins, different award pins for rifles and single-action revolvers, in different classes, for different ability levels, as well as award pins given for 5 and 10 hits in a row, for each specific animal… needless to say, there are many personal achievements awarded.
Half a day - The entire shoot, from set-up, to awards end, takes about four and a half hours. During Spring/Summer hours we're usually done by about 12:30 PM. During winter hours, were usually done by around 1:30 PM.
Questions? - Please don't hesitate to contact Rich DelPizzo by phone: 303-917-2875, or by E-Mail .


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