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Golden Gun Club

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Cowboy Silhouette Safety Rules

Eye Protection:

  • Everyone on the East Range is required to wear eye protection at all times during Cowboy Silhouette events.

Gun Handling:

  • Immediately upon removing any gun from a vehicle the gun must be held in front of the body with the muzzle held high and pointed straight up at all times while behind the firing line.
  • All guns must be entirely empty, action open, while behind the firing line.
  • The firing line is the only acceptable place to load, unload, or have a loaded firearm on the range.
  • Guns are only allowed at the firing line while the range is "Hot".
  • Guns being handled at the firing line may only be pointed straight up, or in a Northerly/downrange direction.
  • In the event that a firearm cannot be entirely emptied of all ammunition (malfunction, jam, etc.), the firearm must remain at the firing line with the muzzle pointed downrange and the Match Director must be notified immediately.
  • When a cease-fire is called, all guns must be removed from the firing line; entirely empty, muzzle up, and action open. Handguns must be placed in a vehicle.
  • Guns are not to be handled forward of the firing line.

At the Firing Line:

  • Never go forward of the firing line while the range is hot. Always wait for the Match Director to determine that the firing line is safe, and gives the "Go Forward" command.
  • Each Shooter must ensure that all his/her missed shots strike the proper impact berm, or barrier ties for the targets they are shooting at, and that under no circumstance will a round travel over the impact berms and off the club property.
  • Cross firing is prohibited. All shooters must fire from the proper firing point for the silhouettes in which they are shooting at.

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