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This shooting activity takes one back to the time of the mountain man and earlier. Most of the members prefer to use this antique style of rifle. These rifles are loaded by pouring the powder into the barrel directly and using a patch and ball rammed home on top of this powder.

The Golden Gun Club holds monthly Muzzleloaders Shooting contests. Some of the shooters are Buck skinners and have made their own rifles, but most are folks who just enjoy shooting, and/or who want to get more practice with the gun they plan to hunt with. We have two general classes; modern and traditional. If you have a muzzleloader and want to get better with it, this is your opportunity. If your muzzleloader and load are legal for hunting in Colorado during muzzleloading season, it is welcome at our matches. Allowable muzzleloaders for our matches are those that meet the following criteria:

  • Must have a single barrel that fires a single round ball or conical projectile.
  • Cannot be loaded from the breech.
  • In-line muzzleloaders are legal and will shoot in the modern class.
  • Gus using shotshell primers and B.O.R. Lock MZ System bullets will shoot in the modern class.
  • Guns with laminated or composite stocks will shoot in the modern class.
  • Only iron sights allowed; guns with peep/aperture sights will shoot in the modern class.
  • Fiber optic sights and fluorescent paint incorporated into or on open or iron sights are legal in the modern class.
  • Scopes or any sighting device using artificial light, batteries and electronic gear are not allowed.
  • Sabots are not allowed; cloth patches are not sabots.
  • Pelletized powder systems are prohibited.
  • Smokeless powder is prohibited, black powder and black-powder substitutes only.
  • Electronic or battery-powered devices cannot be incorporated into or attached to the gun.

Traditional muzzleloaders are muzzle loading firearms of the types commonly used in Europe or America during the early 1700’s through the mid 1800’s. They use flintlock or external percussion ignition, open sights, and a stock or stocks made from a single piece of wood. A rubber recoil pad or rubber buttplate is allowable in the traditional class for these matches. If we have at least three shooters in each, the traditional class will be further divided into flintlock and percussion divisions.

Most shooting will be done from the offhand/standing position, but we will occasionally mix it up to make things interesting. Targets include a variety of paper targets, and can also include metal silhouettes or swingers.

  • When: The Last Sunday of each month.
  • Time:
    October through April: Sign-ups at 9:00 AM, Matches at 10:00 AM.
    May through September: Sign-ups at 8:00 AM, Matches at 9:00 AM

All visitors to Golden Gun Club must sign the Visitor Waiver. You only have to sign the waiver once a year, and it will be kept on file at the clubhouse. Sign the Visitor Waiver Online.

For more information, contact David Bieber by E-Mail .
All matches at Golden Gun Club are open to the public.

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